The Church is True?

In my ward we have a well liked brother. He is a friendly, smiling guy that makes you feel good to be around. He will readily admit his own faults and weaknesses and he often couples these admissions with, “Well, the Church is true.” It has become sort of a catch phrase in the ward. Whenever […]

Busting It Open

“When religion becomes too formal, too structured, too logical, the only way to bust it open and get something decent going instead, is for mysticism to reappear. Because whatever religion you’re talking about, on whatever scale you’re talking about, the minute mysticism becomes permissible, acceptable, possible, it’s an immediate threat to organized religious structures. Because […]

Is God a Small Nigerian Man?

Joseph Smith said: “It is the first principle of the Gospel to know for a certainty the character of God.” In The Lectures on Faith it tells us that we must first know the characteristics of God to be able to have faith in Him. While talking to my wife the other day I realized […]

The Faceless Giver

Like many newly returned missionaries I knew that my next mission in life was to find an eternal companion as soon as I could and start a family. By my third year of college I had a wife a newborn and not a lot of money. We were really good to live within our means […]

A Sign from Above

When I’m alone I like to wander. Some of my most vivid experiences are when I’m experiencing something new, lost in the moment, in some unfamiliar place. There seem to be more things to notice – sounds, smells, sights – sensations that draw me out of my own preoccupations, easing me into a calming present-minded state. Mystics […]

Sealing, the Welding Link

The practice of sealing in LDS Mormonism has changed over the years. Joseph sealed families together, not so much in the sense of parents to children as we do now, but intrafamilial sealings. Though we are left with little commentary from Joseph regarding the purpose of the sealing power and the temple, it is seems that his […]

Symbols and Stars

When I was in college I took an excellent astronomy class that gave me the bug to study science. I watched my professor, a master at the art of teaching, bring science to life. As a newly returned missionary I saw the gospel in everything. Astronomy was no different. I saw how the truths of science […]